The scenario: Yoochun stops in front of two children dressed as a bride and groom. He smiles when he sees them, because they look like an adorable couple. All of a sudden, the two children start crying and shaking their heads back and forth, as if they are unhappy about something. Seeing this startles Yoochun, and his smile disappears.

The back story: Yoochun has been very vocal about his distrust in marriage. His parents went through a less than nice divorce after they all moved to the US, and he experienced first-hand what it’s like to have your family torn apart by it. For several years, he said out right ‘I don’t want to get married.’ It hasn’t been until recently that he’s become open to the idea of it, and even then he’d like to wait until he’s older.

The analysis: Yoochun’s children represent his fear of marrying young. In the mv, they’re dressed in wedding clothes and holding hands which could mean that they are still in the newlywed stage of their union (generally the first five years). As soon as Yoochun approaches them, they begin crying and pulling away from each other, while still clutching hands. 

In other words, as soon as their marriage faces scrutiny from outsider observers, it falls apart and the two begin to hate each other, but are unable to break the bind that keeps them together since Yoochun himself may not believe in divorce.

The fact that the children are white could be representative of the fact that his parent’s marriage fell apart during their stay in America and the fact that he directly associates his unhappiness while living here with the destruction of his family unit.

Next is Changmin, I think!

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