i don’t think it’s bad at all, tbh. everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to how they refer to their idols. nobody was complaining pre-2007 when everyone referred to them as DBSG, were they? or even in 2007/8 when the fandom was in a weird limbo—half referred to them as dbsg and the other half as dbsk. or how about when yunjae was known strictly as jaeho? or 2u was known as yunchun? 

tvxq has always been a group of many names, and it hasn’t become a problem until the past couple of years when hyper-sensitive stans have tried to completely eradicate any usage of the ‘non-official’ names. everyone in kpop fandom knows who i’m referring to if i say dbsk, tvxq, tvfxq, dbsg, thsk, or tohoshinki—so how is using ‘homin’ any different than using one of those names, or tv2xq? there are jyj stans who refer to the trio as jaechunsu to this day—are they also being disrespectful?

the answer is no. and anyone who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke out their ass. 

referring to them as ‘homin’ instead of as ‘tvxq’ has nothing to do with respecting their personal choices, imo. that’s like saying that using a nickname for yourself is dis-respecting your parent’s choice to name you your birth name. it’s simply personal preference, and up to each individual based on what makes them most comfortable. for a good deal of the fandom, ‘tvxq’ hold certain connotations that they would prefer to hold on to, and there’s nothing wrong with that. as long as fans simply acknowledge the duo’s existence as the two remaining (active) members of a one five-member group, they’re doing all that’s expected of them.

you said it yourself: your decision has nothing to do with homin at all. as long as you are secure in your personal reasonings behind using one name over the other, then you should have nothing to worry about. i can promise you that you’re far from being the only person left in fandom to feel unable to refer to homin as tvxq on their own, 

there are bigger issues to deal with in this damned fandom than silly squabbling over the usage of one acronym over another. just keep doing as you’d like and fuck the rest. 

p.s sorry this turned into a rant against dumbshit fans who cause problems where there don’t need to be ;; just focus on the last line tbh

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